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Chain Link Fence - Residential and Commercial

A residential chain link fence. At Frontier Fence, our experience allows us to meet your needs for a successful chain link project. Our efficient and dedicated team has earned a reputation for delivering high quality and competitive pricing for every job. Chain link is a cost effective, durable and maintenance free option for any fence project. Chain link is attractive and lasts a lifetime! Visit our Fence Gallery to view all the different styles, heights and colors of chain link.

Residential Chain Link

Galvanized chain link fencing, sometimes called cyclone fence, is the most common type of chain link fencing. It can keep animals in or out, protect your children and add value to your home. Frontier Fence carries the highest quality chain link fence supplies. Our chain link fence is heavily galvanized to resist corrosion. Our residential mesh is 11 gauge wire with a 2" diamond.

Chain link comes in standard galvanized as well as the colors of black, brown and green. Colored chain link fabric is galvanized and then covered with vinyl. The fence fittings and accessories are powder-coated. You can add slats to all of our chain link fencing for privacy.

Commercial Chain Link

Nothing surpasses the quality and durability of chain link fencing for security and industrial applications. Our typical commercial chain link is 9 gauge although 6 gauge is available. The fabric can be knuckled on both ends, have one end twisted and the other knuckled or be twisted on both ends. Fencing pipe can be tubing, 20 or 40 weight. Barbwire or razor wire can be added for extra security.

Commercial chain link can be slatted after the fence is installed or it can come pre-slatted. When you choose pre-slatted fencing you can achieve 75% to 95% privacy. Slats are available in a wide variety of colors. Call Frontier Fence for a free estimate or use the contact form and send us an email.

Home » Products » Chain-link-fence
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